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  • As a full time Hifz student, my Son and we were going through a lot of struggles for Homeschooling, and tried multiple options including online as well as home tutoring, but we were not satisfied.
    ALA gave us the option to have my Son start his School session right after his Hifz school ends everyday, right there at EPIC site, with course material being covered online while teachers are available in person to help students with any difficulty they face during the online session. I could see the difference in the learning curve growing really in a positive direction and with consistent everyday classes, my son was able to finish up the 2021-2022 school year right on time.
    I would highly recommend ALA for every Full time Hifz student, so that while working on their Quran, they can finish up regular school at the same time with high quality education provided by ALA. Dr. Iram Jilani (ALA Superintendent) also helps in planning for high school and diploma for each student separately, and that makes ALA one of the best options for our Kids.

    – Father of 10th Grade Student at ALA School

  • Being a parent of Hifz student at EPIC Masjid, I was looking for homeschooling. I’m happy I found ALA School which is one of best and convenient homeschooling program (Onsite at EPIC Masjid). With the continued support of Dr Iram (School Superintendent) & the teachers/staff, my son was able to excel in his coursework all throughout 2021-2022 school year. I would definitely recommend parents seeking home schooling to consider ALA School. Jazak’Allah Khair!

    – Dr Farheena Azam – Mother of 8th Grade Student at ALA School

  • I have two of my kids enrolled in ALA and We are very glad that we chose ALA for our kids during this period of intense Hifdh classes at the masjid because the ALA program was easy to manage and they did pretty good and finished on time with help and support from the teachers. Also, the meetings with Dr. Iram every now and then were helpful in putting various matters regarding their education in its perspective. May Allah bless and support this venture and make it beneficial to the community. Ameen!

    – Mother of two EPIC Hifz Students at ALA School

  • My son started last year in 4th grade with ALA. The most important reason we want to continue with ALA and Hifz is that they (are) providing both under same roof. They also provide MAP and State testing without any hassle we don’t have to take our children anywhere else for training. The teacher does a good job of making sure that the kids finish their assignments. The teacher is available 7 days via email or text too. They respond very quickly, and they are doing a good job.

    – Mother of 5th Grade Online Student at ALA

  • I would like to express our gratitude and pleasure of enrolling Mustafa Anees in ALA last year. We were at a junction to choose between Hifz ul Quran or School for Mustafa. We didn’t want Mustafa to be left out of his schooling while enrolled in full time for Hifz.
    The combined effort of the team including Dr. Iram (Superintendent), Br. William White (Principal) and especially the Homeroom Teacher who have provided exceptional support for Mustafa to be able to complete his 9th grade. Mustafa will be continuing 10th grade this year Inshallah. We wish you all the success!

    – Mohammad Talha & Farah Anees – Parents of 10th grade student

  • We had an opportunity to register our two children at ALA at EPIC Masjid and it was a very nice experience to have our children studying at ALA because of professionalism and skilled staff conducting the education platform. We were completely satisfied with the way of conducting courses and delivery of knowledge to the students. This is the reason that we would like to have our children to continue 11th grade at ALA and spend and complete this educational year. We wish to see ALA progressing further in their efforts and have the community to benefit from their experience.

    – Abdul Hameed & Riffat Hameed – Parents of 11th grade students

  • We are very grateful for all the efforts from the American Leadership Academy (Online School) to the kids who enrolled with their programs. My two kids under their program Sumaya 7th grade and MahmodAlhasan 6th grade. They are both full time Hifdh school at EPIC masjid. The program for ALA school (Onsite, Online, Homeschooling) is very functional and easy for the kids to follow.
    Also, the grades are great compared to district’s level. The teachers are great, very helpful and supportive. Many thanks to all and wish you all the best.
    – Baraa Mahdi – Sumaya’s and MahmodAlhasan’s Father at ALA School @ EPIC
  • We used ALA this past year on-site at EPIC (for our son). With hifdh comes challenges and stress that it becomes difficult to focus on Academics. ALA Alhamdulillah was very convenient and self-paced so that the student feels less stress. Their on-site instructors were also a great help MashaAllah. Lastly, Dr Iram and her team work with you and aide you in all your needs, we were struggling financially, and they helped us in getting financial aid so that our son could continue. May Allah swt reward all your efforts, Ameen!

    – Parents of 8th grade student with ALA School @ EPIC

  • We are pleased to keep our son Makeen Khan and daughter Maira Khan with ALA at EPIC Masjid last year and continue for the following years InshaAllah. It was very convenient for them to finish Hifz class and walk in to ALA for secular classes. We are pleased with their achievement through ALA which reflected on their MAP test scores.
    It is not only convenient for Hifz students but also for us as parents with peace of mind. We pray ALA will continue with high standard for all of our Hifz students in their academic achievements. JazakAllahu Khairan!

    – Dilruba Khanam and Manirul Khan



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