Why partner with ALA?

  • Are you a traditional school wanting to offer online courses to your students?
  • Is your school limited by resources to offer up to 12th grade?
  • Are you an Islamic Center offering weekend Quran, Islamic Studies to your Muslim community students who attend K-12 public schools?
  • Your students/families require flexibility due to travel, athletics, health circumstances, or other reasons?
  • Your students need self-paced option to make up missed work or recover credits?
  • Is your school outside the United States, and would like to offer American High School Diploma to your students?

ALA can help your school meet these requirements

American Leadership Academy offers 3-12th grades Online, and the opportunity to obtain an American High School Diploma from anywhere in the world, to all students with these advantages:

  1. Obtain a diploma from the comfort of your own home or country, without needing to travel to the United States
  2. American University entrance exams (SAT, ACT) preparation, and university application/acceptance guidance
  3. Advantage of USA High School Diploma when applying to jobs at multinational companies anywhere

ALA can help your Islamic Center offer K-12 accredited academics combined with Quran, Islamic Studies to your community students!

American Leadership Academy can partner with your masjid by opening ALA branch school at your masjid location or nearby to offer K-12 accredited academics combined with Quran and Islamic Studies.

Benefits to Partner with ALA

  • ALA can customize to your masjid or school’s needs
  • ALA will issue the diploma
  • Allow students for acceleration, credit recovery for individual coursework
  • Provide a dual degree with your institution and ALA High School Diploma by completion of 8 core credits & coursework from ALA

ALA Partnership & Integration Options

  • Complete K-12 Grades
    • Entire Elementary/Middle/High School Experience
  • Partial – ALA Core Courses only
    • By Grade Level/Year
    • By Course
  • Customize to your School’s Needs

Connect with ALA Partners Program Team today to discuss next steps!

Send email to: partners@americanleadershipacademy.online