American Leadership Academy’s primary focus is to ensure we meet your student’s academic & personal potential. We inspire students with the American Dream of attaining a well balanced education to serve as a global citizen.

We understand that all students need a customized plan for pursuing their diploma. We have highly qualified and trained counselors to provide that one-on-one guidance to support your student’s academic journey.

American Leadership Academy offers Texas State Standards provided by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). They are known as the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKs). The Diploma requirements are based on the Distinguished Diploma which is the highest Diploma offering in the State of Texas. ALA is a Cognia Accredited School.

Students are required to take an entrance assessment upon admission to ALA. Based on the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) diagnostic assessment, students will be placed in the appropriate English, Math and Science classes based on their assessment.

If students are assessed at their current grade level, they will start with courses for that grade. If not, they will take courses at the assessed level before proceeding to their current grade level courses.

ALA administration highly suggests to enroll students prior to the 9th grade to ensure that all courses will count toward the ALA-American Diploma requirements.

Courses that are taken at other institutions in grade 9-12th will need a course evaluation. Students may transfer coursework as approved credits with a course equivalency assessment. Administration will review additional details describing the course content from the issuing institution. The review process is rigorous and only accredited course work will be assessed and given credit.

Each course holds a credit value that needs to equal to 26 credits or more for the actual Diploma. (A breakdown of these credits is listed in the Curriculum tab.)